Born in 1989 in Morges (Switzerland), Bruno Aeberli lives and works in Lausanne. He trained as a photographer at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (Ecal) where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in 2013. This first step makes him think about his status as an image producer and the influence that the different popular culture industries have on his work.

In 2017, he continued to explore his relationship with cinema and television by completing a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). He won the «Coup de Coeur» Award from the AHEAD Foundation.

Inspired by the Pictures Generation and the Swiss conceptual scene of the 1990s, Bruno Aeberli sees his practice as an autobiographical archaeological research.

Through the use of different techniques (videos, installations, sculptures and photographs), he explores his relationship with the images that have nourished him from an early age. The latter become starting points, not results.

His references come mainly from American audiovisual productions of the late 20th century, with which he grew up. Of these works, he is only interested in the traces left by their passage. It produces from these, a formal work based on memory, disappearance and survival.

Through his most recent projects, two main axes are emerging. The production of images from original artfacts purchased from film studios (Re-production) and the creation of artifacts from film images (Doublures, Western Parcel, A Moment of Chance, My Picket Fence Replicas).